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Mini Booster – Recharge and Gas Transfer

Mini Booster – Recharge and Gas Transfer

It is a unique portable system developed and produced to efficiently and easily meet recharging and gas transfer needs!


Accumulator charging

Gas Transfer

Calibration of Pressure gauges

Pressure and Purging Test

And much more!  



Aeronautics - Land support (Military and Commercial) Industries - Gas recharge and transfer applications.


Features and Advantages

Can be used with any industrial gas;

Provides high performance, safety and portability at an affordable price;

Integrated relief valve for motor air protection;

Automatic pneumatic and adjustable on/off switch;

It has different activation sources and gases;

The activation gas can be with the same gas that is being pressurized (except for Oxygen);

The gas can have external power (including Oxygen);

Separate sections of motor air and pressurized gas;

The design includes an integrated cooling jacket that minimizes heat from compression, increasing the durability of the seals;

Input bulk for plugged 1/4" NPT relief valve; the use of a relief valve is recommended.

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